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What is Mutual Insurance?

Mutual insurance (also called Peer to Peer) is a "risk-sharing network where a group of associated or like-minded individuals pool their premiums together to insure against a risk”.

How it Works

Signup & Underwriting

  1. DAO members choose liability coverage.
  2. Insurdao will leverage Underwriting Analytics -- proprietary Machine Learning & Data Mining -- to evaluate the proposal.
  3. DAO is approved and provides info to set up payment authorizations
  4. DAO s creates a vote proposal to buy the selected coverage, and creates a premium transaction.
  5. The policy will become active (i.e. coverage applies) as soon as a threshold number of DAOs have joined.


  1. A claim request containing relevant information is sent to InsurDAO.
  2. Fraud detection team will check the claim.
  3. Appointed claim adjuster will analyse the request.
  4. Payment is sent according to the predetermined risk rules in the smart contract.

Why is it Important?

Insurance is often too costly and inaccessible to those who need it most. We make risk coverage affordable and enable a flexible protection which can cover previously uninsured people.

Why are we Different?

With InsurDAO, the treasury capital is owned by the policy members. We are a platform to run autonomous liability protection for consumers and DAOs, using AI and AML to build actuary models .

Core Team

  1. Leonardo Diamante

  2. Actuary
  1. Henry Hazan

  2. Founder & CTO
  1. Elazar Georgiev

  2. Co-Founder & CEO
  1. David Gallula

  2. UI / UX Head
  1. Israel Gotlieb

  2. AI Head
  1. David Neumark

  2. Full Stack Dev

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